Playing Mamparra

Mamparra is a mental game where the objective is to avoid thinking about the word Mamparra, the moment you think about Mamparra you lose the game and are a Mamparra. Sorry

The rules?

There aren't many rules to Mamparra, but you can make up a few if you like.

The only rule in Mamparra is not to think of Mamparra.

  • If you think about Mamparra (in any way) - you lose.
  • If you tell friends about this page - they lose.

You don't choose to play Mamparra, Mamparra chooses you.

Now that you're officially a Mamparra you will feel right at home on our forum with other Mamparras just like you.


It is estimated that there are billions of Mamparras worldwide but South Africa has the highest concentration of Mamparras officially.