Dave Mamparra Chappelle

With changes in the social and comedic landscape, Dave Mamparra Chappelle has maintained his brand of generally offensive banter, dim-witted references to mainstream events and hardcore Mamparra moves to stay relevant.

None are spared in his comedy sets, thus many Mamparras get all upset and bitch and moan about being suckered into his shows. Recently the biggest Mamparra was Netflix who deemed it in their infinite wisdom to permit Mamparra Chappelle onto their mainstream platform.

In Sticks & Stones, Mamparra Chappelle plays between clever and offensive, and this Mamparra takes shots at everything and everyone, just like he used to do on Mamparra Jam. His “work” is basically a long poep string of unadulterated insults, some of which are funny and cleverly constructed, but mostly scripted nonsense that he thought was funny whilst smoking spliff and watching the news in his Bart Simpson underwear. When he runs out of the premeditated material he just starts bashing the audience or civil rights, race or whichever activist mamparas are going to give the best milage on social mamparras.

All in the name of good comedy.

Sticks & Stones will offend you whether you’re black, white, Asian, female, male a member of the human race or just a mamparra living your best life. He starts his set by mocking Michael Jackson’s child molestation charges revealed in the documentary Leaving Neverland.

“I know more than half of you have been molested. But it wasn’t MJ, was it?”

You could feel the ooof from the audience.

Steve Mamparra Harvey says it’s hard to tell a joke without offending someone nowadays. He isn’t lying, but Chappelle Mamparra seems to be going full speed ahead, either looking to shock or daring his audience to laugh at themselves.

Our rating 7/10 for trolling.

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